Becker JT

Jordan T. Becker

Associate Research Specialist

Former Webmeister


Phone: 608-265-1998


BS: University of Wisconsin - Madison

(2009, Kinesiology & Psychology)

Jordan T. Becker started working in the McNeel Lab in 2007 as an undergraduate research assistant. His projects have included maintenance of the TRARP rat colony, chronological immunohistochemical tracking of TRARP prostates, and development of a lentiviral plasmid construct encoding human prostate specific antigen. Upon receiving his B.S. in Kinesiology and Psychology from the UW, Jordan started as associate research specialist on the stage D0.5 prostate cancer phase one clinical trial evaluating the pTVG-HP DNA vaccine. As lab technician, he has performed the immune analysis and sample processing on this phase 1 trial assessing the development of immune responses to prostatic acid phosphatase in trial patients receiving vaccines on response-based adjustable schedules. In addition to this trial, Jordan is collaborating with Dr. Dave Beebe's biomedical engineering lab developing and validating novel methods of collecting, enumerating, and culturing circulating tumor cells from late stage prostate cancer patients.