Melissa Gamat-Huber

Melissa Gamat-Huber

Assistant Scientist

Email: gamat @


B.BiomedSc: The University of Melbourne, Australia

(2003, Reproductive and Developmental Biology)

B.Sc (Hons): The University of Melbourne, Australia

(2005, Zoology)

PhD: The University of Melbourne, Australia

(2011, Developmental Biology)

Postdoctoral training: School of Pharmacy, UW-Madison


Melissa studied wallaby prostate development in graduate school with Professor Marilyn Renfree and Professor Geoffrey Shaw at the University of Melbourne. In 2012 Melissa moved to Madison for her postdoctoral training with Associate Professor Paul Marker, working on mouse prostate development and BPH.  She then joined the McNeel lab in August 2016 as an assistant scientist.  Her research was looking at the androgen receptor as a target for immunotherapy in prostate cancer, and to improve the efficacy of AR DNA vaccines by combining the vaccine with androgen deprivation therapy, particularly ADTs which have AR degrading properties such as galeterone or a newly identified compound DipG and immune checkpoint inhibition.