Morse MD

Matthew D. Morse, PhD

Cancer Biology Graduate Student



BS: Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)

(2002, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)

PhD: University of Wisconsin - Madison

(Summer 2011, Cancer Biology)

Matthew Morse graduated in July 2011.


Graduate Research Focus

     His research was focused on the characterizing the immune response to androgen deprivation therapy. Androgen deprivation is a standard treatment for metastatic prostate cancer, and it has previously been observed that androgens influence the immune system. We have shown patients treated with androgen deprivation develop antibodies to proteins expressed in the prostate. The identification of these proteins gives us a panel of potential vaccine targets for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. He had also identified in an animal model that there is an infiltration of T-lymphocytes into the prostates of male Lewis rats following androgen deprivation; these cells show an activated immune response as defined by their cytokine expression profile, and in functional assays, he had shown they respond in a prostate specific manner. These observations had led to the hypothesis: androgen deprivation therapy may enhance the efficacy of immunotherapies for the treatment of prostate cancer.